Lange SX 100 Ski Boot - Men's Red/Black, 25.5

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Who made this black and red abomination, stamped Lange on the side, and tried to pass it off as one of the legendary blue shoes? Shame on you! Really, though, it is actually an honest-to-godness Lange, but it's easy to be fooled by the red-and-black color scheme of the new SX 100 Men's Ski Boot; we checked it out, though, and it's real. Perhaps the new looks even make sense, because the SX 100 is a departure from the race-hungry Langes of yesteryear. It's wider, softer, and more forgiving, so intermediate level skiers can enjoy the legendary performance without worrying that their feet will actually fall off during a day on the hill. Unlike the seriously stiff blues that made Lange famous, the SX 90 is a gentler, friendler beast, with a comfortable 102mm last that won't squeeze your feet to death, a soft instep insert that makes slipping your boots on and off breezy, and killer liners that keep your toes toasty from your first morning groomer to the last tree run of the day. It sports a once-piece collar for a killer fit around the calf, and Ultra Grip soles that make harrowing parking-lot traverses and icy stair descents a little less terrifying. Lange wasn't about to opt for comfort at the cost of performance, though. The SX 90 features the same mono-injected construction as top-end Langes, because it provides the smoothest and most consistent flex in a variety of temperatures, and features the same lock-down four-buckle design that serves up the bombproof control that made Lange famous (the top buckle also features a highly adjustable Quickmacro ratchet adjustment for a personalized upper-leg fit) . Inside the shell, the Thermofit RL3 heat-moldable liner will conform precisely to your foot for a snug, pressure-free fit and the Power Wrap Tongue+ will pass precise input into the shell, so you can cruise groomers, surf cold smoke, and zip through the trees from the first bell 'til the last.

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Not good enough. :( I thought that Lange SX 100 Ski Boot - Men's Red/Black, 25.5 by Lange is one of the best on the market, but I am very disappointed.