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Fill three discs with twelve episodes of crazy science mayhem. Dump the two hosts, Adam and Jamie, on a deserted island, with nothing but duct tape to survive. Mix in a fire-and-ice showdown, complete with a homemade flamethrower. Add an eyebrow-raising Battle of the Sexes. Test some wacky theories, like Will super-gluing yourself to the seat work better than a seatbelt? And Can bubble-wrap really break a multistory fall? Throw in a rocket-powered ejector seat, some knives, guns, and swords, and you ve got the twelfth season of MYTHBUSTERS. Strap on your crash helmet for this mind-blowing concoction from your favorite mythbusting team.

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I'm surprised of colors MythBusters: Collection 12 DVD. Looks much better than on images!